Run Smart: Training Tips for Runners

Run SmartIn Run Smart, XTERRA trail run champion and running coach, Adam Hodges, passes along decades of knowledge he has gleaned from competing and coaching in the sport. Topics cover various dimensions of running, including goal setting, mental skills, training principles, warmup protocols, running drills, functional strength, running form, running shoes, nutrition, hydration, recovery, and sleep. Each chapter consists of a concise, self-contained article that addresses a different aspect of a topic, making this book a valuable reference guide for new and experienced runners alike. Whether you run competitively or for fitness, you will find valuable information to help you run smart and take your running to the next level.
Kindle Edition $9.99 | Print Edition $14.99

The Endurance Athlete’s Guide

The Endurance Athlete's GuideThe Endurance Athlete’s Guide to Systematic, Recovery Based Training equips you with fundamental concepts and tools needed to train more effectively for your next endurance event. The guide explains how to create your own customized training program, including how to set up your individual training zones based on heart rate and pace. Learn essential tips for proper recovery and how to follow a simple three step process to (1) build your aerobic base, (2) build upon that base, and finally (3) peak for your target race. The discussion features key ideas from exercise physiology and essential tips for proper recovery. It also includes a glossary of key terms, making it a valuable resource for any endurance athlete.
Kindle Edition $9.99 | Print Edition $14.99

Multisport Workout Library

Multisport Workout LibraryThe workouts found in this book are designed to supplement The Endurance Athlete’s Guide to Systematic, Recovery Based Training, which equips do-it-yourself athletes with fundamental training concepts, specifics on how to set up individualized training zones based on heart rate and pace, and details on how to design a customized training plan. With your plan sketched out, now draw from the pre-written workouts in this library to implement your training. Together, the guide and workout library provide an indispensable set of do-it-yourself tools for self-coached athletes or anyone interested in training more effectively.
Kindle Edition $9.99 | Print Edition $14.99

The Multisport Workout Library is also available on Training Peaks for use with your online training log–just drag and drop workouts into your calendar to schedule your training.